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Forever Dreaming
the once and future king

梦,永不终结 战斗曾经激烈,而今已然沉寂。 放下你的剑吧,静享这暂时的和平。 自梦境的温暖中醒来,新的一天又将开始。 时光在渐渐地逝去…… 而我们依然在追寻我们看过的那颗星星……

"Servant, Saber, at your command."

- A Saber dedicated blog -

how the hell did anon smell your hair?


    Obviously the fragrance is so extravagant it can be smelt from miles away.

were you scared when Iri was driving?

    War flashbacks begin to flash by at an alarming rate much like the speed that the Lady of Winter had been driving at.


    "S-Scared? Nonsense… It was not as if I was fearing for my life or anything." On that night Saber prayed in thanks to the heaven’s above that humanity had created something called a ‘seat belt.’

Sends thee my love. xoxo


    "I am delighted to see you once more my better half ~"

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